An Economist’s Warning of a Coming U.S. Depression

2011年07月20日 Saidani

From EconMatters:

Financial economist and historian Dr. Michael Hudson was recently interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner on Guns N Butter.  When Ms. Faulkner asked his opinion of where the U.S. economy is headed, Mr. Hudson replied,

“The economy’s going under because Wall Street and investors realize that it’s a done deal. That Mr. Obama is going to succeed in pushing the economy much further into a depression.

We need the depression in order to cut living standards and labor by 30 percent. We need a depression in order just to lower the wages of America and to have an excuse….., the solution is going to be that the government is going to sell off its land, whatever is in the public domain.

The American government is going to look just like Greece and just like Ireland…. The government will sell whatever it has, the Postal Service, to essentially buyers who will now borrow the money from the banks making a huge new market for banks and investment bankers, in privatizing and cutting up what used to be the public domain and turning it over to the wealthiest 10 percent of the economy.

So people realize yes, the class war’s back in business. We’re going into a depression. We’ll buy back all these stocks after they go but meanwhile, the game’s over. Let’s grab what we can and just bail out. And that’s what’s happening now.”

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